Don’t Forget About Fringe Activities Singapore For Your D&D Night!

Don’t Forget About Fringe Activities Singapore For Your D&D Night!

D&D nights are fun and entertaining, but only if you plan it right. Along with good music and lip-smacking food, you also need to ensure that you set up games and food stalls for your guests to enjoy between the dances. You should also plan to arrange some fringe activities Singapore for Dinner and Dance that can keep your guests entertained throughout. Don’t miss out the important corporate gifts that you must give them! Show them some appreciation and sincerity!

You may have guests who are not interested in dancing. You will also have guests who arrive early and have nothing to do until you do not start the dance floor. Also, guests could get tired dancing for long and may want a break in between.

If no game or food stalls are arranged, then this can make the guests feel bored, and you would then be wondering about ways to entertain them. This is why make sure that you arrange food and game stalls at your D&D event so that none of your guests feel left out. Here are some Tips on Planning and Hosting the Best Corporate Dinner Party!

Fringe Activities Singapore: Game stalls at your dinner and dance party

Here are some interesting game ideas for your party. These fringe activities Singapore for Dinner and Dance lets your guests to network, and they also start to get comfortable after playing these games.

Fringe Activities Singapore: Spotlight

For this game, one person will have to play the music, and the other has to take care of the spotlight. The one with the spotlight needs to stand in the middle of the dance floor, and he has to shine the flashlight on the guests. The spotlight holder has to keep moving the light on the dancer when the music is on. However, when the music stops, he should also freeze. The dancer on whom the spotlight flashes will go out of the game. The game continues till all the dancers are out, and only one dancer is left on the dance floor.

Fringe Activities Singapore: Memory move

To play this game of Memory Moves, you will have to make the guests form a circle on the dance floor. One player should be chosen to go first. The player who steps in the center will do a dance move. The next player will then have to copy the first players’ move. The second player will then do a step of his own. The next player in line will then have to do both the dance steps and then add one more step to it. The game will go on and on till one player forgets a step. The play will continue until only one person is left behind.

Along with these fringe activities Singapore for Dinner and Dance, it is also essential that you arrange food stalls for your guests during the dance and dinner party. You do not need to arrange for a full meal here but just some light snacks for those who feel hungry dancing for long on the dance floor or the guests who are not comfortable dancing. 


You could keep some local selections like noodles in one of the stalls. It could also be a live food station where guests get to see the food being prepared live and enjoy the hot and tasty noodles in between their dance moves.


You may also want to have a food station that prepares a barbecue. Let your guests savor their favorite meats when they feel like. The food stalls are essential because you do not want your guests to start feeling hungry and then wait for long for dinner to be ready. With the food stalls arranged, your guests will also spend a lot of time dancing and enjoying your party.

What are you waiting for? It is important to engage your attendees the right way and these Fringe Activities Singapore are definitely the way to go! You can never go wrong with some Corporate Gifts that you can reward your attendees at your D&D Night.


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