Celebrate Your Party With Creative Photo Booths For Wedding Anniversaries

Wedding anniversaries bring joy to each wedded couple. It’s an occasion for both the couple to feel special, and for their children a chance to do something special for their much loved parents. Each anniversary represents a theme in each couple’s lives. Sometimes they may have gotten over a tough fight or disagreement or an illness, sometimes they may have gained some monetary wealth or bought a house or car or gained in status. Each of these events should be celebrated snap. Each celebration should be made extra special by recording pictures of those moments. Photo booth ideas for wedding anniversaries can be set up around the themes that each anniversary represents. A traditional first wedding anniversary could have paper lanterns and paper decorations in the backdrop against which the couple poses along with each other. Other such ideas are below.

2nd anniversary – A theme around cotton is best suited for this year. A collage of cotton fabrics in the colors that the couple favors can be set as backdrop. Decorations can be done using the flower “Lily of the Valley” since it represents this year.

3rd anniversary – A theme around leather is best suited for this year. If the couple is comfortable around a horse, a real trained horse (like a jet black stallion) can be the backdrop of the photo booth. A studio effect of a stable with lots of hay can be a great backdrop if a horse isn’t available. The sunflower rules this year so decorations should be made with the brightest yellow sunflowers making the pictures look inviting and blooming with health.

9th anniversary – A theme around pottery is best suited for this year. A potters’ wheel ala the movie Ghost can be the centre around which the couple try to learn pottery. The flowers that rule this year are “bird of paradise” or crane flowers.

12th anniversary – A theme around silk and fine linen is best suited for this year. A backdrop professionally made with a collage of silk and linen fabrics would be ideal for a photo op. The decorations with a bouquet of peonies are ideal for this year.

13th anniversary – A theme around lace is best suited for this year. Although lace can look very dull in photographs, lace fabrics in rich colors like red and violets when professionally arranged can look very bewitching. Chrysanthemums of yellow, orange and purple hues can richly complement the lace setting.

14th anniversary – A theme around ivory is best suited for this year. Since ivory trading is illegal and harmful to elephants, a professionally made up backdrop containing things made of fake ivory can be an ideal photo booth idea. Dahlias with an enriching red can complement the ivory setting.

15th anniversary – A crystal ball is the centre of this photo booth. Objects made of crystals even though mundane depict a domestic relationship between the couple. A guest ball gazer introducing just the right amount of mystery can also be a suitable prop. Roses of all colors – red, yellow, pink, white can adorn the crystals of various sizes.